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WISSHH is going to offer a PAY PER CHECK IN service in 2014

WISSHH USA & WISSHH Europa are teaming up in order to offer a new service: the Pay Per Check-in. We are looking at launching this new APP by March 2014, below more info: With Pay Per Check-In (PPCI), business’s wouldn’t have to risk paying high up-front...

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... Mi faccio un buon caffè! Grazie Caffè Spinesi: www.caffespinesi.it @Merih's office in Iseo, Italy

http://instagram.com/p/gsYrPWkE9i/ WISSHH Premium Partner, scopri il vantaggio qui:http://www.wisshh.it/240/Spinesi%20Coffee%20Zone

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WISSH Partner: Pacifica Frame

Check out what PACIFICA FRAME can do: https://vimeo.com/76905877​ WISSHH Premium Partner number 1837 http://www.wisshh.it/1837/PACIFICA%20FRAME%20MULTIMEDIA%20LLC ...

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